Simtec Silicone Website 2007-2008

Simtec Silicone, an ISO 9001:2000 certified, Wisconsin based company that specializes in silicone parts for industrial and healthcare applications hired me in early 2007 to redesign their existing wesite.  The plan was to use the existing website as a base instead of scrapping the whole thing and starting from scratch.  The HTML code was updated to… Continue reading Simtec Silicone Website 2007-2008

Velauno Surfing, Kiteboarding & Windsurfing Promo Card

I produced this promo card for Velauno in 2007 to help promote the sale of surf, kite and windsurf products by Dakine, Bic Surf, Thule, Cabrinha, Best Kiteboarding and Surftech.  The cards were printed on thick stock cover, full color on both sides.  These were handed out at races, beach events, malls, and also sent… Continue reading Velauno Surfing, Kiteboarding & Windsurfing Promo Card

Full Page Ad in Ride Cycling Review Magazine Australia

I created this advert back in December 2007.  It appeared in Ride Cycling Review in Australia, issue #39 Jan/Feb/Mar 2008.  A few other versions of it were featured in magazines in USA, South Africa, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.  The concept for the other ads was basically the same but promoted different products.  The… Continue reading Full Page Ad in Ride Cycling Review Magazine Australia

Dakine Ads for Mundo Rad Magazine

These are two of a series of ads I created for Velocity, Dakine Hawaii distributor for Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.  These were featured in Mundo Rad Magazine.  Apart from Dakine, Velocity distributes other prestige brands such as Thule Car Rack Systems, Oxbow, Bic Surf, and most recently Surftech Surfboards. These ads were mostly laid out in… Continue reading Dakine Ads for Mundo Rad Magazine

Velauno Website 2002-2007

This project started of as a 3 month job and turned into a 5 year commitment.  We started with a concept to create a complete resource for local & visiting windsurfers, kiteboarders and surfers.  Over a course of 5 years there were many changes, updates and additions done.  The website proved to be the company’s… Continue reading Velauno Website 2002-2007