50% deposit required on all projects

50% deposit due on completion before the final files are provided

Free estimates.  Estimates can vary depending on the project.  On simple design jobs an exact estimate can usually be provided.  For complex development projects it is often necessary to offer an estimate range.  Due to the complexity of some of these projects and the changes that commonly incur, it may not be possible to offer an exact estimate.  The deposit for this type of project will be based on 50% of the estimated average.

For large scale projects that will be developed over the course of various months there is the possibility of breaking down the job into phases.  Each phase can be estimated individually.  Once the first phase is completed, the next one can be quoted, and so on and so forth.  Each phase will be treated as an individual job for which a 50% deposit will be required before beginning and the 50% balance due immediately upon completion of each phase before the original productions files are supplied.

Concepts are developed in a competitive and timely manner.  Guaranteed! Rush jobs are billed a rush fee.

Your information will be kept private and never shared with any third parties.  For top secret or classified projects, the signing of a confidentiality agreement can be considered.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money back.

Design projects start at $179 (minimum).