Why Hire

  • Since 1999. I have years of experience and have completed thousands of successful projects in graphic design, printing, web design and marketing.  Throughout the years I have worked with many names in multiple fields of business, both big and small.  Some of my jobs have included projects for:  Eli Lilly, Pfizer, Dakine, RavX, King’s Cathedral Assemblies of God among many others.
  • Integrity. Working with me, you will received respectful and professional treatment from start to finish.  You can trust me to deliver the quality of work that can only come from somebody with years of experience.  You project will be developed in a timely fashion, efficient work flow and to held to the highest standards.
  • Photoshop wizard.  I specialize in very complicated photo composition work and guarantee results that are fully professional and realistic.  I work on people, buildings, signs, cars, anything!  Your product sample arrived with no logos?  In the wrong color?  No problem!  Send me the photos and logo and I’ll make it look like it was printed on in the first place.  Everything will be color and texture blended to perfection for a completely realistic look.  If you decided to change the color of the new summer shoe line and it doesn’t match your photography samples, go ahead and schedule that last minute photo shoot!  Give me a call, send me the photos and I’ll make them any color you want.  Just in time for your catalog deadline.
  • Perfection. I only work and aim towards perfect, professional and  industry-leading creations.  All designs are developed from start to finish to be clean and perfect.  Vector designs are cleaned and merged before output.  Colors are verified to all match.  Fonts are reviewed to make sure there are no corruptions and that no job is sent out without the proper fonts outlined or embedded.  Color key charts, measurement guides and special instructions are often used if the job requires it in order to avoid misinterpretation and errors by the printer.  The difference in quality is in the details.  This quality of work often requires a bit more time and cost to complete but ensures that no time is wasted in post production or pre-press due to mistake or discrepancies. All completed projects that I send out are merged properly, checked for correct spot-colors and have completely clean elements though-out.
  • Credentials. My Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Arts which I acquired in 2002 covers not only the elements of design but also complete training in offset and screen printing.  I design with the correct production medium in mind, something that many designers don’t understand.  This helps avoid incompatibility problems and helps make the most out of the duplication medium used.
  • Caliber. I’ve attended post graduate training with some of Photoshop’s greats like Eddie Tapp and Julieanne Kost.  Additionally, I’ve also completed a number of professional education courses and seminars in order to keep up with technological advances.
  • Web specialization in WordPress/Thesis driven sites guarantees the best design framework, continued support, cutting edge web standards, and better exposure and SEO capabilities.
  • Social networking. Vast experience in social media networking.  I can get your site, product or company running on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in no time.  Need maintenance?  I can do that too!
  • Video production. Apart from the vast array of design and promo work I also offer video production services.  Whether you need footage of your new product line, assembly or operating instructions or a new promo reel I can provide you with professional footage or video editing that will put you ahead of the competition.
  • Complexity. I can tackle the most complex of projects.  This can included intricate photo work, multi-page book or catalog layouts, and large websites.  The designs can be completely original or I can lay out your current design in industry-standard formats.
  • Artistic mindset. Years of experience in fine arts and illustrations.  While I focus mostly on digital designs, I have been drawing and painting all my life.  Not only do I have an eye for commercial work but I have a keen mindset for the beauty and usefulness of illustrations.  Oftentimes, I’ll take my fine artwork and bring it into digital media to incorporate it into my commercial artwork.
  • 3D thinking. What does this mean?  Most designers think in 2D.  They design good artwork for flat mediums but when it comes time to design for a shape, be it a packaging box or a container, their level of experience does not allow them to think past flat shapes.  I have years of experience designing packaging, containers and special die cuts.  I can take an idea and apply it to an actual 3D box using the same tools that other designers can only do 2D with.
  • Photography expert. Photos tell the story.  You need a designer who is an expert in photo composition and color.  I have experience not only assisting professional photographers but also as lead photographer in commercial product photo shoots.
  • Bilingual. I can develop your projects in English and Spanish.  For example, I can design two versions of your site, in both languages or provide translation services for manuals and other literature.

Looking forward to working with you!  -Danny