Damien Grafmyre Portrait“Hi my name is Damien Grafmyre. I am an entrepreneur and small business owner.  For one of my products I needed to get a logo designed, and wasn’t sure who to trust or go to for this task.  I researched and looked around for someone to design my logo, but I felt overwhelmed with so many choices.  I was looking for a company that didn’t treat me as a number, but provided that personal touch.  At first I thought about doing it myself by choosing one of the many on-line logo design websites.  To be honest I was just trying to cut down on cost and stay below my projected budget.  Then I decided my logo is one of the most important assets besides a good business plan.  To me a logo is one of the first things that the consumer looks at, which can make or break a product in becoming a successful brand.

Thank God, a friend of mine referred me to Danny Cruz’s Graphic Design Studio!  Even though I live in Florida and Danny lives in California, the experience was awesome from start to finish.  Danny made me feel confident in his abilities and creativity. He was professional and diligent in producing my logo within our agreed deadlines. Most of our communication was done via email, and he always responded in a timely manner to any request or any questions that came up.  He was very thorough and kept me informed on all the steps while creating my logo. All I have to say is my jaw dropped and my eyes lit up when I saw the finished product.  I was amazed by his creativity and detail!  I am very confident my new logo will turn heads and make my product stand out from the rest!  Thank You Danny Cruz for your awesome touch!”

Damien Grafmyre
XtremeLife Sports

Frances García Portrait“My name is Frances García. I run a watersports products distribution company in the Caribbean. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Danny Cruz to anyone looking for a high-end graphic and web artist. He has created various promotional pieces for magazine publications which have greatly helped us create buzz and generated positive feedback from the public. Danny has helped us with our branding and image in a unique and professional way not commonly found these days.”

Frances García
G Enterprises

“My name is Michael Poland. I run the kids windsurfing summer program for the shop “Velauno” in San Juan, Puerto Rico, as well as my own watersports equipment repair business, “Waterman Repair Service”.  Danny Cruz has been my graphic arts connection since 2004, and has always come through to meet our needs and deadlines. Even after moving to San Diego, CA, his service continues to be top notch and his ability to get the work done “long distance” is an asset and shows his dedication to his customers. Whether it be creative work such as new t-shirt artwork, website building and maintenance, posters, flyers, business cards, repair tag booklets, Danny has always been a creative force, a good communicator, and responsible businessperson.”

Mike Poland
Waterman Repair Service