My name is Danny Cruz.  I’m not going to talk about myself in 3rd person.  I am a “creative”.  I know that’s grammatically incorrect, but I would prefer not to call myself a “creative designer” as I create and come up with things that are more than just design.  The correct term would be “creator” and logically using that term is just plain weird.  That one’s just for the man upstairs.

I’ve been designing graphics and artwork professionally for over 10 years.  I’m young still folks.  Additionally, I’ve been drawing and putting this creative mind to good use since the first grade.  I posses a degree on the subject and I have successfully completed many seminars and courses on design software.  More importantly however, is the experience of producing thousands of projects over the last 10 years.  This is were I’ve found I’ve learned the most.

My roots are in art and design for paper.  From there, I discovered I could put artwork on just about anything.  Talk to me about where you envision putting your idea on and I can very likely get it done.  An obvious transition occurred from the need to create web presence.  So, in 2002 I set forth to learn how to apply my design knowledge to the internet.  Needless to say, fast-forward 8 years and I have numerous web-design projects under my belt some ranging from simple 5 page sites, to full blown 200+ page web catalogs.

Among other things, I believe in quality over quantity.  I’m not cheap either.  I don’t take every single project that comes my way and I concentrate only on quality jobs.  I work on a contract basis in order to follow through on a creative project from inception all the way to completion.


I work hard and play hard.  I’m an outdoors person, but also a night person.  A waterman all my life.  I love sailing, surfing and everything ocean.  I’ve done my fair share of windsurfing and I spent a couple of years on Maui, Hawaii as a professional kiteboarder.  Currently, I enjoy waking up before dawn, putting on my wetsuit and paddling out at the break of dawn to catch a few waves as a way to start my day.  You can also catch me mountain biking on the odd day, or snowboarding on the odd cold day.

I’m a musician.  An active drummer since the age of 16, I’ve played in multiple bands and church worship teams in Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Southern California.  I picked up the guitar 5 years ago to learn the melodic side of what I was doing.  To ease my learning curve I began posting what I was learning on my very own guitar lessons website, sixstringsensei.com.  Once thing led to another and I found myself writing my own music which I perform with my beautiful wife backing me up on lead vocals and bass.  Something I’m enjoying deeply.

Finally, I’m a health nut who loves to stay in shape and eat healthy.  Not simply to look good, but to feel good and perform at my best in every little thing that I do.  I count my blessings every day and I thank God for my family and friends.