Mountain Bike Action Magazine 29er Hardtail Carbon Fiber MTB Ad

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Mountain Bike Action Magazine May 2011 CoverHere is a beautiful magazine ad design piece for the biggest craze to hit the mountain biking market in recent years.  I’m talking about…

29er Mountain Bikes

This ad was released in the May 2011 issue of Mountain Bike Action Magazine. It garnered quite of bit of attention and generated a large number of inquiries. The ad features a clean design concept with copy that flows with the shape of the bicycle. The name of the product plays an important role. It follows the color scheme perfectly and the shape accentuates the fast nature of the bike.

29er Mountain Bike Ad in Mountain Bike Action Magazine

Road Bike Action Magazine RavX CNC Parts Ad

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Road Bike Action Magazine RAVX Ad

Road Bike Action Magazine May 2011 Ad Layout

Half page ad layout. The location of the advertisement is in great company. It sits inside a Campagnolo editorial article.

What can I say? Very happy with the turn out of this ad. I wrote more in detail about the design process in my blog post Rush Jobs Make the Day Shorter here.  However, one thing I did not mention in the design process post is the location of the ad. When the final printed magazine was sent to me I realized the piece was featured within editorial content for a Campagnolo article.  I’m very happy with the positioning as well!

Rush Jobs Make the Day Shorter

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Rush Magazine Ad SampleHa! So last night I get a call from one of the magazines I work with to sell me remnant ad space at half price.  Not a bad deal, so I bite.  I had to put a pro ad together in about 4 hours.  There were 3 people involved in the decision making so it was immediately apparent it was going to take longer.  Well longer it took, but in the end all the creative minds involved helped a 4-hour-design (6 hours really) come out better than expected.  Good thing I had all the photos needed.  Just a bit of color correction, cropping and resizing was needed.
Throw out rush magazine ad

This was my first idea: Spring theme. Needless to say, I didn't like it. Throw out!

Funny thing though… I send the ad out to the magazine and they write back saying there’s a sizing problem.  So I go look at it again, make sure it’s all good, and send it back.  Again they call me with problems.  I dissect the thing, open it in Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat and everything checks.  What the heck is going on?  I send out a final copy removing all the trim marks and file information; just bare bones.  I’m guessing they are screwing up the layout because of the trim marks.  As the email is going out, the phone rings.  It’s the lady from the magazine apologizing for a mistake in their layout settings that was causing the problem.  Hahaha!  Way to stress me out at the end there!  Well, all is good now.  I’m glad to know that all the attention I put in measuring is not lost. Ad comes out in print in May.

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Full Page Ad in Ride Cycling Review Magazine Australia

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Ride Magazine Cover

I created this advert back in December 2007.  It appeared in Ride Cycling Review in Australia, issue #39 Jan/Feb/Mar 2008.  A few other versions of it were featured in magazines in USA, South Africa, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.  The concept for the other ads was basically the same but promoted different products.  The ad was eventually adapted for use as a half page ad.

Magazine Ad

Mundo Rad Magazine Ad for Velauno

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Surf Full Page Ad

This full page ad was part of a series of artworks created to promote the distributor of Surftech surfboards in Puerto Rico.  This one appeared in Mundo Rad Surf Magazine, Summer 2007.

I was looking for a bright colored theme with a look reminiscent of the Apple iPod ads of the time.  You can see this in the bright-colored bars running vertically and the use of silhouetted palm trees instead of people.

The ad also attempts to create awareness of the availability of other brands such as Dakine, Bic Surf and Thule Rack Systems.