RavX Cycling Products Catalog 2010

RAVX 2010 Catalog Cover ThumbnailRavX makes quality cycling accessories and components that rival the world’s best. I’ve put in a lot of time creating high-end designs for them since early 2007.  This particular catalog is one of longest and most complicated projects I have worked on.  Not only was I in charge of conceptualizing the design, but I also had to orchestrate all the photo shoots and prepare the entire design.  The book features 80 pages + cover and holds a number of design details that I’m quite proud of.

First of all, I designed 10 different signature background spreads to be switched out throughout the book.  This is intended to keep the reader interested and avoid a feeling of monotony.  I also created an additional 3 spread designs for the high-end product section that stand out from the rest of the catalog.

RAVX Catalog 2010 Inner Cover Spread
Sample of inner cover spread layout with printer registration and color marks.
Reviewing Catalog Proofs
Reviewing final pre-press proofs before production.

When I design books, I have to take into account the size and girth of the project and choose materials and production techniques accordingly.  This catalog is intended to be shipped around the world, so I also have to choose materials that keep the book structurally sound but do not make it unnecessarily heavy.

Other standout features are the color coded sections, perfect-bound build, metallic Pantone 877 5th color and spot UV coating on the outer and inner covers.  This catalog does a perfect job of portraying the high-quality image of the product it showcases!  Based on etiquette, I can’t reveal the final production numbers but let’s just say enough were printed.  This is number 4 of the 5 RavX, Inc. catalogs I’ve designed thus far.

See below for the “race section” page spread which features some of the high end performance saddles.  Further below there’s a photo of the book alongside others I designed.  Click to zoom.  If you look closely  you can see the spot UV coating over the product photos on the cover.

RAVX Catalog Race Spread Sample

RAVX Catalogs

By Danny Cruz

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