Consider this a Warning!

Ford Mustang V6 Premium 2011Consider this a warning.  Well, more like a call for your attention; an alert.  Today is Thursday.  Also the first week of May 2011. What’s so important about that?  Last month was my 10th wedding anniversary.  I managed to pull something off that most people cannot.  And I’m happy to say that thanks to that, my wife is driving around in a brand new white Mustang.  How about that?  But, that’s not why I’m writing this post.  This site has been up since 2002; since late 2009 in it’s current form.  Today marks the day where I’m going to aim at scheduling my blog posts.  What does that mean?  It means that from now on and until further notice, I will be posting a new article on my blog every Thursday.  This alert is my excuse for a blog post this week.  However, next week expect the first in a sequence of posts all on the same great day of the week that marks the close proximity of the weekend.  Stay tuned and subscribe. Yes, right now.  Subscribe.  Find the little link on this page that says subscribe, click it and join me.  You’ll make me happy and I will be eternally grateful.  Because writing for others is better than writing for yourself.  Until next week… -DC

By Danny Cruz

Danny Cruz is a resourceful creative designer, publisher and lover of the ocean and water sports. He's also a musician and overall cool guy. Follow @sixstringsensei.