You Should Have Been Here Yesterday

You’ve been there before. You plan your day out a certain way and it doesn’t come out quite like planned. Here I am, sitting inside the truck in the parking lot at Snow Valley Ski Resort in Big Bear. After waking up at 4:30am to drive all the way up here, I realized I should’ve been here yesterday. Yeah, I missed a good foot or two of fresh snow by one day, and to make matters worse, it’s so windy they have closed most of the lifts. Guess it’s not a bad time to write. They say people get creative when in odd situations.

I’ve heard it before. In surfing, “You should have been here yesterday.” When kiteboarding, “Perfect wind and waves – yesterday!” Well, the old saying goes, “If life gives you lemons…” I certainly cannot complain about having to make lemonade all too often. The few times things do go wrong become an interesting change of pace. Which brings me to the point of this post.

I certainly cannot complain about having to make lemonade all too often.

Most certainly, one of the keys to success every day is staying motivated. This involves staying motivated even when things don’t go quite as planned. Face it, things don’t go quite as planned OFTEN. I’ve found it’s always good to have an alternate plan. In fact, I’ve gotten so good at having an alternate plan, that oftentimes I don’t even have to think about it. I just quickly move on to the next thing. Like right now for example. As I’m typing on my phone I’m looking over my shoulder at the mountain to see if things start clearing up. I came here to snowboard and I want to get on the snow already. If I had my laptop with me, I would likely be working artwork. Right here, sitting in my car.

Next time you are on a ski or surf trip, on a date or simply at work and things go to crap, think about it for a second. It really isn’t so bad. You’re alive. You’ve got a lot to be grateful for. You can’t control every situation. Things go wrong simply as a part of life and it’s merely a chance to become stronger.

What can I say? I’m actually grateful for this wind. Without it I would likely not be sitting here writing. My phone could crash any minute and cause me to lost everything I have typed so far. But sometimes things just turn out pretty good after all. Like right now. The fact that you are reading this is proof of that. God bless. Danny

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By Danny Cruz

Danny Cruz is a resourceful creative designer, publisher and lover of the ocean and water sports. He's also a musician and overall cool guy. Follow @sixstringsensei.

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