Happy New Year Free Vector Art

by Danny Cruz| Follow Danny @sixstringsensei on Twitter HERE

Happy New Year Vector Art Post Image

Based on the success of the Thanksgiving vector art a few months ago, I’ve created another piece for the New Year!  This one features a bunch of complex gradients and transparencies.  Lately, I’ve been designing on Adobe Illustrator CS5, or CS3 but this design I created while vacationing in the Caribbean and here I only have an old laptop with CS1.  It proves, however, that you can create great art no matter what!  The file should open and work fine in any newer version of Illustrator.  It’s royalty-free so have fun with it.  I’d appreciate a link to my site if you feel generous this Christmas season.  ‘Till next time.  In the meantime, please find the button and subscribe!  Thanks!  -Danny

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Merry Christmas 2009

by Danny Cruz| Follow Danny @sixstringsensei on Twitter HERE

Cruz Christmas Tree 2009Yet another year has blown by! Faster than we can even understand.  It seems like only a few months ago we were buying Christmas gifts for what is now last year’s holidays! Here I am at almost 10PM on Christmas night writing my second post on what is going to be the new incarnation of

At the moment of this writing, the website is as white and plain as snow itself.  But it won’t be like that for long.  So if you are reading this post at a much later date, or simply want to reminisce on how the site looked at it’s early stage, I’m attaching a photo.  This photo represents the site at the moment of this writing.

Website Early Stage

I’m keeping this short… I hope you all had a great holiday.  I hope your Christmas made you feel like a kid again.  I certainly saw myself as a kid all over again when I took my son to the beach today to try out his new skimboard.  First steps in surfing on a beautiful day in SoCal.

Merry Christmas and good night! -Danny

Skimboarding Lesson Christmas Day