Velauno Website 2002-2007

by Danny Cruz| Follow Danny @sixstringsensei on Twitter HERE

This project started of as a 3 month job and turned into a 5 year commitment.  We started with a concept to create a complete resource for local & visiting windsurfers, kiteboarders and surfers.  Over a course of 5 years there were many changes, updates and additions done.  The website proved to be the company’s most successful site since their founding in 1989.  It has recently been replaced with an entirely new site, but this version still remains one of the most beloved Velauno sites.

Summer Sessions Kids Windsurfing Camp Artwork

by Danny Cruz| Follow Danny @sixstringsensei on Twitter HERE

Logo Windsurfing Summer Camp

Just finished this artwork for a buddy of mine. This dude hosts an awesome windsurfing camp for kids every summer in Puerto Rico. I’ve been doing the artwork for this program for the last 6 years. I just finished creating the artwork for the 2010 camp T-shirt. This was mostly done in Adobe Illustrator piecing original artwork together with stock vectors off the web. The windsurfer image on the back was a photo modified in Photoshop and then vectorized in Illustrator. For more information about the Summer Sessions Kids Windsurfing Camp check out

Windsurfing Kids Summer Camp T-Shirt