Garageband Tutorial Video Soundtrack Crash Course

by Danny Cruz| Follow Danny @sixstringsensei on Twitter HERE

The Garageband Logo

I put together this 20 minute video to help non-musicians create soundtracks for their YouTube videos using the royalty-free loops in Apple’s Garageband. Using anybody else’s music in your videos can result in copyright infringement. Let’s face it, unless it’s a high budget production where you can afford to pay somebody for a license, you’re better off building the soundtrack yourself.

You’re probably here because you watched the video on YouTube. If not, see the video below. I encourage you to click on the YouTube logo in the player. It will send you to the actual page of the video where you can select to watch in high definition 720p. Trust me, it makes a big difference.

Furthermore, after the video there are instructions on how to download for the actual working file of the project for free. Edit: As of right now (Feb 6, 2011) the file is not available to download yet. I will be setting that up very soon. In the meantime, you can contact me if you want the file right away.

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Promo Videos for RavX Cycling Lights

by Danny Cruz| Follow Danny @sixstringsensei on Twitter HERE

This is mostly a graphic design blog, but as many of you already know, my interests are many and I stray from the topic sometimes.  However, video filming and editing shares a very close relationship with graphic arts.  I recently created two promo videos for RAVX Inc. to help promote 2 of their new cycling lights.

The first one was recorded mostly with a GoPro HD Hero camera while mountain biking at night in North County, San Diego, CA.  Most of the photography and some of the smaller clips were shot with a Canon 7D SLR camera with a 60mm EF prime macro lens.

The second video was recorded with the same Canon 7D and a couple of studio soft box lights and a pair of fluorescent hard lights. It was supposed to be something quick and was to be done in about a days worth of work. We had to reshoot some of the hand sequences since we were coming up with the “script” as we moved along, but in the end it came out pretty good.

Due to time constraints, I quickly put together a soundtrack in Apple Garageband for both videos. It was what I had available on the computer I had on site and I had to make it work. Usually, building the soundtrack for a video is considerable more time consuming and I reserve that to Apple Logic Pro.