Myspace After the Sale: Wonder What They are Going to do Now

by Danny Cruz| Follow Danny @sixstringsensei on Twitter HERE

Now that News Corp. has finally sold Myspace to Specific Media, we’re all left to wonder what they are going to do with it. Mind you, even though the social network collapsed, at the supposed $30-$40 million that it was sold, it’s still quite a deal. Specially given the fact that News Corp. paid a whole lot more for it 6 years ago.

At this point, it’s very hard for anyone to imaging Myspace going up in popularity again. Unfortunately, the constant losses to Facebook has rendered the network “uncool”. You can be unknown, you can be hated, but being “uncool” is probably the worst of the bunch. If you’re unknown, you can always have a breakthrough and become known. If you’re hated, well that’s bad enough, but you can still benefit from it. But being uncool, is like being lukewarm. Hot coffee is good, so it cold coffee; but lukewarm… not so much! It just seems the new owners are either going to ride out what little life the network has left to make a profit over what they paid (before the network completely fizzles away) or they will have to come up with a completely different concept to try and grow (in order words, many risks). Unfortunately, all those redesign tries didn’t quite seem to work for News Corp. Specific Media is going to have to get pretty creative. However, for the old owners to recover their loses they needed a smash hit. The new guys wouldn’t need much to get a return on their investment.

Given that Myspace pretty much introduced most of us to social networking (unless your age is 50 right now) I’m sure we all have good memories of it. Being on Myspace was like having your own website, without all the trouble. It was cool to mess with CSS and come up with new backgrounds, headers and menu pictures for your profile. Somehow, we all thought that was extremely important. I guess not, since Facebook completely trumped it with an interface that was barely customizable. Having said that, I think the major blow to Myspace was and is Facebook’s appeal to all ages. Just think about it. 5 years ago the things there were important to us on Myspace are not important to us anymore. Meaning, we grew up. Facebook knew this and basically created a catch-all for all those growing up high school and college kids.


Garageband Tutorial Video Soundtrack Crash Course

by Danny Cruz| Follow Danny @sixstringsensei on Twitter HERE

The Garageband Logo

I put together this 20 minute video to help non-musicians create soundtracks for their YouTube videos using the royalty-free loops in Apple’s Garageband. Using anybody else’s music in your videos can result in copyright infringement. Let’s face it, unless it’s a high budget production where you can afford to pay somebody for a license, you’re better off building the soundtrack yourself.

You’re probably here because you watched the video on YouTube. If not, see the video below. I encourage you to click on the YouTube logo in the player. It will send you to the actual page of the video where you can select to watch in high definition 720p. Trust me, it makes a big difference.

Furthermore, after the video there are instructions on how to download for the actual working file of the project for free. Edit: As of right now (Feb 6, 2011) the file is not available to download yet. I will be setting that up very soon. In the meantime, you can contact me if you want the file right away.

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Back Up Your Tweets and Keep Them Organized by Date

by Danny Cruz| Follow Danny @sixstringsensei on Twitter HERE

Twistory logoSearching the web for specific information is way easier than pulling out a giant encyclopedia book out off the shelf.  For that, we have to be thankful.  These days, having the internet is a blessing in more ways than one.  But every once in a while a web search can become quite daunting.  This was the case when I decided to look for a free service to back up my Twitter tweets.  I found many services available, but many of them are only good if you use the paid version.  There may be more out there, but I want to share with you one that I found to be particularly useful and original.

It’s called Twistory, and you can find it at  Essentially, it’s a service that connects to your Twitter account and downloads your tweets so that you can keep them on your computer.  Keep in mind that most services out there will backup your tweets to an online server.  Oftentimes, if you want to download them to your computer it involves a fee.  Not only will download your tweets to your computer for free, but it will do it automatically, everyday, and to a calendar application.  What does this mean? Well, it means your tweets will be backed up automatically and perfectly organized by the date and time they were posted on Twitter.

I work on MAC and I use iCal, but twistory also supports Google Calendar, Thunderbird, and other calendar applications that support webcal or iCalendar.  See the photo on this post to see an example of how my iCal calendar looks this week.  Each of those blue bubbles represents a tweet.  Clicking on any of the tweets brings it up in the application.  Not only that, but it shows you the date and time it was posted on Twitter. (See photo 2).

Twistory Fed iCal CalendarTwistory Tweet Calendar Entry

The service is not brand new.  I believe it has been out since April 2008.  Please keep in mind, I’m not affiliated to  I don’t endorse them, nor am I on their payroll.  Having said that, who knows if 2 months from now the service goes to crap?  As of this writing I can happily say I’m very impressed with the service.  Knowing that my tweets are safe and nicely organized makes me feel all fuzzy inside.

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