Welcome to the new development…

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Dear esteemed reader,

After 8 years of kiteboarding on, I decided it’s time for a change. Life has gotten more complex.  It’s time to make this site reflect what is really going on today.  You can expect: Art, creative design, musician-talk, surfing, and a number of other related topics I’m involved in these days.

I will be working “live” on developing this site.  Which means you can see the changes as time progresses.  As I’m writing this quick post, there is not much to the site yet.  The color, theme and content is at its absolute simplest form.  If you are reading this post 2 months from now, what you are seeing around you might be quite different.  I decided this is the way I wanted this site to progress.  Not behind-the-scenes, but live and public.

If you wish to view the old kiteboarding site, fear not, it’s here:

Thanks! Looking forward to a long and interesting future.

Sincerely, Danny Cruz